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Welcome to the former home of the Bulldog Live! radio show. After 5 Ĺ years on WTPL 107.7FM The Pulse, the company eliminated the show from their line up as part of a business decision to carry more syndicated programming.

While the decision was painful for all involved, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity and wide latitude given to me to cover critically important issues all across New Hampshire (see my announcement from January 31, 2014).

It is my deep desire to be able to return to the airwaves again to inform and entertain an audience who deserves the truth and perspective of what is happening, how and why. I have developed wonderful relationships with many organizations, businesses and leaders who work to make our state and communities stronger. I look forward to developing new relationships and rekindle existing ones should I be able to have my own show again.

However, the media business has changed and opportunities are not abundant. Therefore, I am also seeking to use my communications skills to continue my recent work in media and public relations. While there are many challenges in the new world of communications and public relations, I am capable of tackling them given my unique experiences.

My work as Communications Director for Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate was a rewarding experience and it was awesome to be part of something that promoted solutions to our nationís many problems. Jim is a great man and I was honored to have played such a key role in his campaign.

Much of what I talked about on the air for the past several years remains the same. Northern Pass is one such issue that hasnít gone away. While my role in opposing the project is not a prominent as it once was, I have yet to give up on the fight. Please continue to visit my Northern Pass page for constant updates, there will be a lot of activity happening very soon when the U.S. Dept. of Energy releases its draft EIS sometime in June 2015.

Be well.

-"Bulldog" Brian Tilton


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