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March 19, 2014:
Thank you everyone for your wonderful words of support these past several weeks. I'm so thankful to hear from so many who enjoyed my radio show the past 5 1/2 years. Today, I am very pleased to announce that I have accepted the position of Communications Director for the Jim Rubens for U.S. Senate campaign. This is a very exciting time to be involved in issues that I care deeply about.

While many were hoping to hear me back on the radio, but this is a tight business and openings are rare. With that, I am following my own advice. You may remember hearing me say "Get involved with politics before politics gets involved with you" and "If you find a candidate that you really believe in, get involved in the campaign."

Well, I have found that candidate who shares my concerns about the erosion of our Constitutional rights and concern for the hardest working of our New Hampshire families. Here's why I not only endorse Jim Rubens, but am happy to serve on his campaign:

  • Jim Rubens opposes Common Core and supports local control in education.
  • Jim wrote the law establishing charter schools in NH.
  • Jim supports school choice and protected home schoolers from increased regulation.
  • Jim opposes more wars.
  • He opposes increasing the size of government.
  • Jim supports the 2nd Amendment and earned an "A" rating from the NRA while serving as state senator.
  • Jim supports repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a simple plan that returns health care decisions to patients and reduce healthcare and insurance costs.
  • Jim opposes NSA wiretapping and the IRS harassment of conservative organizations. He opposes these violations of the 1st and 4th Amendments.
  • Jim is for term limits and would support a Constitutional amendment and pledges to serve only two terms.
  • Jim supports a Balanced Budget Amendment.
  • Jim wants member of Congress to adhere to the laws they expect the people to follow.
  • Jim supports a ban on spouses, children, parents, and near-relatives of Congresspersons as registered lobbyists.
  • Jim succeeded in getting electric choice promoting competition and lower rates.
  • Jim succeeded in getting restitution for crime victims.
  • Jim opposes Northern Pass.
I am very excited about this opportunity. But most importantly, the November 2014 election is far too important to sit on the sidelines and do nothing about the problems, it is time for all of us to do something to be part of the solution. I hope you will join me!

Your love and support over the years means a lot to me and my family. I am very grateful for your loyalty and willingness to learn more about what lies ahead for our state and our country.

"Bulldog" Brian Tilton


MESSAGE FROM 1/31/14: Dear Listeners, Fans & Friends,
It is with great sadness to report that management informed me yesterday (1/30/14), that it was my last show of Bulldog Live on WTPL 107.7 The Pulse. There is a new programming lineup and unfortunately, it does not include me. I'm glad to report that their decision was strictly a business/financial one and was assured that their decision in no way had anything to do with the content of my show or any performance issues on my part.

Since September 2008, The Pulse has given me the opportunity to do what I love to do- inform and entertain. I'm one of the fortunate few in this business who can say that I was never told what to say or not to say. I was given wide latitude to talk about what I thought was important for you. I was free to cover this state from Pittsburg to Salem as I pleased. I was allowed to grow my show in a way that benefitted you as well as my desire to learn. With that, while I regret the business decision that was rendered, I still am grateful for the 5 1/2 years I was given.

It is important to note that I was offered a non-programming position within the company. After much serious thought, I respectfully declined. For the last 18 years, I have worked in radio on the programming side as a producer, news reporter and talk show host. Broadcasting is what I do and hope that someday I will land on another NH radio outlet that will offer me many of the same opportunities. In the meantime, I will spend some time exploring many options. I know that during my last 18 years in this business, I have made a difference in a lot people's lives. I want to do something that will continue that.

Upon deep reflection over the past many hours, I am proud to say that during my last 5 1/2 years at The Pulse, I was able to make a difference. I took on some very heavy issues and spent countless hours dissecting the information, conducting interviews, travelling the state and listening to people and then turn around and put it all into a comprehensible format that you could understand. Some of those issues were defeating the LLC Income Tax, defeating the Campground Tax, defeating the Gambling Tax, defeating the Gas Tax, preventing nanny state government intrusion into our lives with seat belt laws, criminalizing balloons and attempts to enact license plate scanners to name a few. While not successful in defeating SB 500 (the mandatory early release of all violent prisoners and sex offenders bill), I am satisfied that I stood on the right of the issue- with crime victims families and parole and probation officers.

Most importantly, I am most satisfied with my efforts to get HB 648 passed that ended up protecting thousands of private property owners from eminent domain threats by Northern Pass and other future private, elective, for-profit projects. I personally watched what happened in New London, Conn. before, during and after the Kelo decision. I made it a life mission to stand up against eminent domain abuse. I succeeded in 2008 in advocating for Article 12a of the NH Constitution and spent years advocating for HB 648 and demanding a clean environment for NH senators to be able to think free of lobbyist influence. We won.

However, one issue remains unresolved- Northern Pass. For the past 3+ years, I have travelled all across the state covering community meetings, press conferences, U.S. Dept. of Energy Scoping Meetings, selectmen meetings, one-on-one meetings with landowners, snowmobiling the proposed routes, hiking the route, interviewing lots of people, writing op-ed pieces, talking with legislators and so much more. I feel terrible the opposition movement has lost a loud voice, but it should not be viewed as a victory for the supporters of Northern Pass. I intend on finishing what I started- telling the truth.

Another satisfaction I have over the past few years is the wicked long list of guests I've had on my show. To name a just a few: Betsy McCaughey (Beating ObamaCare), Wayne Allyn Root (The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide), Robert Romano (Americans for Limited Government), Bill Wilson (past president of Americans for Limited Government), Bob Dane (Federation for American Immigration Reform), Karl Deninger (The Market Ticker), Penny Dean (2nd Amendment Tuesday), Sen. Andy Sanborn, numerous presidential candidates, lots of state and local officials, Aparna Mathur (American Enterprise Insitute), Evan Nappen (Pro-Gun NH), Annette Vogel (InterTown Record), Donna & Charlie Jordan (Colebrook Chronicle), Jack Savage (Society for Protection of NH Forests), Christophe Courchesne (Conservation Law Foundation), Re-Pete (Appleseed Restaurant), Bob Jackman (LaValley-Middleton Building Supply), Mark Jordan (New England Police Benevolent Assoc.), Dave Lang (president Professional Firefighters of NH), Charlie Arlinghaus (Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy), Richard Brothers (past Dept. of Employment Security Commissioner who was fiercely helpful during the economic meltdown of 2008) and so many countless others, wish I had time and space to name them all!

So, you might be wondering what's next for me? I don't know. I will be reaching out to a lot of people over the next few weeks to see what opportunities might be available and I hope some will reach out to me with their ideas. I'm fortunate that I have met and gotten to know A LOT of people in New Hampshire over the years. I'm comforted in knowing that many people are concerned and care for me and the well being of my family. I never ask for much, but right now, I do ask for your love, friendship and support as I transition to the next stage of opportunity. I want to continue to help people and make a difference whether it be through another radio show or involvement in politics, I trust that God will guide me. I'm strong, independent and still free to think. And while I said this for the last time on Thursday (for at least the foreseeable future) at my sign off, please remember:

Buy American, Hire American, Tough Time Don't Last, Only Tough Guys Do!

With love and gratitude,
"Bulldog" Brian Tilton


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