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Highlight Reel
Highlights of some relevent moments, humor and production on the program over the years.

Podcast of Bulldog Live 6/19/13
Hour 1    Hour 2
Coverage of local gun rights protest of the anti-gun Bloomberg bus coming to town, calling out senators pushing for illegal alien amnesty to drive down wages, James O'Keefe's new book and citizen journalism, land grabs, sponsored featured on bicycling activities, personal safety expert guest, and Medicaid expansion.

Podcast of Bulldog Live 1/15/13
Hour 1    Hour 2
Featuring monolgue, weekly features, guest promotion of local fundraiser and other news of the day.

Interview with Corey Lewandowski
Interview with former Donald Trump campaign manager while he was chair of Americans for Prosperity NH.

Portion of Washington, DC broadcast April 18, 2013
Portion of broadcast from the Federation for American Immigration Reform's "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" radio row in Washington, DC on the day the illegal alien amnesty “Gang of 8” bill was introduced and the audio intro contains sound bytes from some of the nation's leaders in Congress and law enforcement against amnesty.

Portion of Bulldog Live September 26, 2013
Portion of remote broadcast from U.S. Dept. of Energy hearing on a highly unpopular electric transmission project. Opening is a compilation of audio of comments made throughout the meeting.

Portion of Bulldog Live June 4, 2010
Interview with candidate for NH Senate Andy Sanborn.

Portion of Bulldog Live December 2009
Breaking news with audio and summary from the first of several Dept. of Revenue Administration hearings on imposing the LLC Tax.

Tribute to Ray Burton 11/12/13
This was produced by me and played on the show opening on the morning of the passing of Ray Burton, a 36-year member of the New Hampshire Executive Council. All of the audio of Ray was obtained by me over the years and woven into an interview done with Charlie Jordan, publisher of the Colebrook Chronicle just a couple months prior when Burton announced he would not seek reelection due to his battle with cancer.

Tribute to Chief Maloney 4/19/12
Special tribute produced in honor of fallen Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney on the day of his funeral while the entire state of NH mourned this highly respected police officer and chief killed just days before retirement.

Challenger Disaster Remembrance 1/28/11
A special remembrance was aired on the 25th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster which, among the astronauts killed, was Christa McAullife, a Concord High School teacher and the first teacher in space. Audio was pulled from archives of national and local radio coverage from our program director.


Donald Trump responds to Obamacare challenge 2/4/16
Article I wrote for a Washington, DC think tank on my appearance on CNN's town hall forum with Donald Trump in the days before the NH Primary.

They Came To Plymouth To Remember Ray Burton, Colebrook Chronicle 12/20/13
News story written for the Colebrook Chronicle on the public memorial service for Executive Councilor Ray Burton. See also a localized version written for the InterTown Record.

We all have rights and responsibilities when using the roads 8/27/13
Letter to the Editor of the InterTown Record to discuss bicycle/pedestrian safety after a near-accident experience.

Support private property rights with the Forrester/Bragdon Amendment 1/17/12
Letter to the Editor of the InterTown Record to promote a legislative fix to a threat to what many New Hampshire property owners were facing.

Northern Pass will be the largest land-taking in the history of New Hampshire 5/24/11
Letter to the Editor warning that the Northern Pass project relies very heavily on eminent domain and are actively seeking it.

LTE Colebrook Chronicle 5/13/11 (page 4)
(note referenced story on page 1 Hands Across the Border)
Letter to the Editor on an upcoming legislative hearing regarding private property rights which seeks to engage the people with the legislative process. “You must fight as if it were the fight of your life, and for many of you it is.”


A Hydro-Québec project becomes an election issue in New Hampshire
I was invited to a roundtable discussion with Radio/TV Canada about Northern Pass.

Trump: Obamacare is a disaster
I was invited to a CNN Anderson Cooper Town Hall forum with presidential candidate Donald Trump. I was the first questioner in the audience.

When Lies Kill - When Open Borders Kill
Web ad produced by me.

Jim Rubens - Cheshire County Inmate Interview 4/20/16
This is video shot with two cameras and produced solely by me. Compelling material condensed from a two hour interview.

Jim Rubens - NH Charter Schools 8/8/14
This is a web ad I largely produced. Working with Altos Marketing, I captured the footage of the three people interviewed which took many hours to arrange, travel long distances and record. I also voiced the narration. This demonstrates my ability to capture good quality video and audio for use by the marketing team.

Voters Are Fed Up With Career Politicians 7/23/14
This is a web ad I largely produced. It included “man on the street” interviews and we did not once ask what a voter’s part affiliation was, we only asked if they were a registered New Hampshire voter. This video took many hours to capture and demonstrates my ability to capture good quality video and audio. I oversaw the post-editing process and gave final approval of the finished product.

Colebrook Chronicle Video News of the Week 4/25/14 (runs at 4:35-7:30)
Interview I secured with U.S. Senate candidate Jim Rubens with the Colebrook Chronicle. I was also interviewed on my role as Communications Director. In the interview I demonstrated what voters are concerned with, a key theme in the campaign.

Colebrook Chronicle Video News of the Week 3/7/14 (runs at 2:22-3:38)
Story features exclusive video I captured at a healthcare forum presented by a candidate for Executive Council in the final week before a special election to replace the late Councilor Ray Burton.

Colebrook Chronicle Video News of the Week 12/20/13 (runs at 1:25-2:06)
Pictures and video I captured at the Ray Burton memorial service was included in this newscast. Full story I wrote for area newspapers was published here: http://www.colebrookchronicle.com/Dec202013.pdf

Colebrook Chronicle Video News of the Week 11/15/13 (runs at 0:00-2:12)
Long time Executive Councilor Ray Burton passed away from a battle with cancer. This news report includes photos I took of his office following his death.


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