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Easton Meeting 6/7/15:
About 130 people attended a meeting of concerned citizens at the Easton Town Hall for a discussion about the Site Evaluation Committee process relating to Northern Pass. This forum discussed the legal process and what the project developers are doing on the public relations front, opposition research and some of the legalese involved.

Susan Schibanoff
Susan Schibanoff of Bury Northern Pass blog gave the opening remarks and introduced the panel.
PDF: agenda, contact info, website links

Will Abbott
Will Abbott of the Society for Protection of NH Forests gave an "Overview of the Permitting Process", changes to the Site Evalutation Committee process and what meetings and hearing need to be held when Northern Pass applies to the SEC.

Jim Dannis
Jim Dannis, resident of Dalton, member of Responsible Energy Action, LLC spoke about the "Mechanics of SEC Intervention", what it means to be anintervenor and the importance of being an intervenor.
PDF: basics, magic words, analysis of dockets

Ken Kimball
Ken Kimball, Director of Research at the Appalachian Mountain Club talked about "Preparing a Northern Pass Visual Impact Analysis for the NH Site Evaluation Committee."
PDF: protocol, suggested format

Bob Baker
Attorney Bob Baker, resident of Columbia, member of Responsible Energy Action, LLC talked about some Right to Know requests that revealed some information about how what you read from supporters may not be their own words nor speak for entire organization that represent. He also talked about the crafty spinmeisters that Northern Pass hired and what can expected in the months ahead.
PDF: push polls, "grasstops" LTE's, consultants, targeting

Nancy Martland
Nancy Martland of Sugar Hill Tower Opponents (STOP) spoke about the ypes of electricity and technology for buring lines.
PDF: technologies, underground in New England

PDF: Everywhere We Look: Buried HVDC Transmission Lines within 500 miles of Concord, NH

See photos of the event: http://burynorthernpass.blogspot.com/2015/06/northern-pass-opposition-information.html

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